Kursaal Theater rehabilitation and refurbishment
Manresa, 1999-07

Architects: Victor Argentí U.T.E.
Collaborators: M. Bosch, A. Planas (architects), M. Arguijo (structural design), Instal.lacions Arquitectòniques /Imogep (building systems), F. Pelegrina /F. Sancho (quantity survey/budget), Otto projectes S.L. (technical stage design), Audioscan (acoustics)
Promoter:Manresa City Council
Area: 4.317m2/ 46.468 Sq. Ft .

Winner entry at "Ideas Competition for the refurbishment of the Kursaal Theatre in Manresa.1999"

Finalist entry at "5ª Biennal d'arquitectura de les Comarques Centrals", 2008

Awarded entry at "Construction in Catalunya 2007 Awards (Premis Catalunya Construcció 2007)" 4th edition, Barcelona's Institute of Technical Architects