2012. Blanes Portand


2012. Extension of the Zoo of Maubege

  2017. Orangutan's space Zoo of Barcelona 2004. Porta Forestier in Montjuïc Park, Barcelona 2011. Pet Adoption Center and Dog Park, Barcelona

2001. Predesign for the new Marine Zoo of BCN  

2001. Int. competition for the new Marine Zoo, BCN

  2016. Architectural design for 3 subway stations of the L9 line of Barcelona's subway network 1989. Clothes dyeing industrial plant, Riudellots  



  2012. Centralized Heat and Cold Generation Plant Barcelona South/Zona Franca, Barcelona  



  2007. New cable car stations in Montjuïc Park, Barcelona  



  2005. Basic pr.for the new Marine Zoo 7.6Ha, BCN